ScreenPlay Video Editor System

Easy-to Use Stand Alone Editor for all uses

ScreenPlay is are designed to do one thing, and only one thing well, edit video!
With ScreenPlay's real-time editing features you can instantly:

  • Capture and edit professional quality video and audio
  • Add titles: outline, drop shadow, character extrusion & more
  • Add transitions: wipes, dissolves, page turns, reveals & more
  • Add special effects: variable slow motions, fast forward/reverse, letter box & more
  • Add color effect: B&W, posterize, solarize, sepia tone & more

    "Despite ScreenPlay's modest price, this is a very powerful NLE system."
    - Jack Lloyd, Video SystemsMagazine

Real-Time Transitions
ScreenPlay and Sequel let you view transitions instantly. Go instantly out to tape
without rendering, without waiting!

Real-time Color & Special Effects
All color and special effects are truly real-time at a full 30-fields per sec. All effects can
be instantly applied and output at 60 fields per sec.

Real-Time Color Processing & White Balance
Instantly adjusts video color correction, contrast, brightness and saturation. The Auto
White Balance feature will correct your mistakes at seemingly warp speed.

Image Support for Photos
Creating a photomontage is easy with ScreenPlay's digital connectivity. Easily import
images from Smart Media or Compact Flash cards, or a Kodak Picture CD. Sequel
requires the Optional DV Upgrade to perform this function.

Each Applied Magic editor comes with a mouse, custom keyboard and 1-year warranty.
The size and weight of a VCR, each editor is portable and connects easily to a television
or monitor.

ScreenPlay is a turnkey, PC-free editors. Therefore the potential for hardware
and software incompatibility and conflicts are eliminated.

Customers Using ScreenPlay

Additional Links to ScreenPlay

  • Videographers (wedding/event)
  • Corporate
  • Education (optional curriculum)
  • Worship
  • Studio playback (B-Roll)

Applications for ScreenPlay

  • Capture live video and edit in realtime
  • Documentaries
  • Wedding/event videos
  • Teach video production at middle/high school
  • News Stories
  • Life history videos
  • Sports highlight video
  • Distant learning events
  • Morning announcements
  • Football games

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